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Membership Information


Click here to complete and send the COASC Membership Application Form and read about payment options.


Membership in COASC is open to all persons in good standing with ASCA. You do not have to currently own an Australian Shepherd to be a member, nor is the general membership required to be an ASCA member. Our membership is composed of:


  • Aussie pet owners

  • Aussie owners who compete in performance (such as agility and Rally) and in conformation

  • Aussie breeders


Perhaps you had an Aussie in the past or are considering getting one, and would appreciate getting to know the community via COASC events. Note that we do not encourage joining the Club simply to obtain Vendor Discounts, and reserve the right to refuse membership if we feel that refusal is appropriate for the Club. 

Members are encouraged to volunteer to join the Board of Directors, committees, and to offer their skill and time at events. Want to join the Board? Send us an email at The term of office is 1 year, starting Jan. 1 every year.


Single or family membership entitles you to:


  • a single or dual vote for a single or family membership respectively, in all club matters and elections

  • access to the COASC Newsletter

  • participation in year end award programs

  • discounted Club events, such as seminars and clinics 

  • discounts from participating Vendors


The membership year begins January 1st and ends December 31st. You can join any time of the year, but all memberships renew January 1st of the following year. After Jan. 1, returning members must join as New members and not Renewals. 


COASC offers the following types of club memberships:


  • Single Membership - This is for individuals. The annual dues are $15.

  • Family Membership - This is for families that reside in the same household. The annual dues are $20.00.

  • Junior Membership - This is for individuals under the age of 18 and not living with a COASC member: $7.00.

  • Breeder Package Membership - This is for Breeders who wish to provide a one-time, 1 year membership to puppy buyers: $5.00 per Membership (e.g., for a litter of 7 puppies, a bundle of memberships would cost the Breeder $35.00).


If you have questions about the COASC Membership Application Form or the Club in general, contact: Cindy Haidon, Secretary.